Custom/Special Orders

Custom or special orders pertain mainly to the Custom Props in the Halloween section.

Custom Props...

All of the custom props are produced one at a time, with a lot of time and care taken into there creation.  Most of them are hand stained and crafted, and all are hand assembled and then packaged with great care.  We try to maintain a good supply of them ready to ship right out, but at times supply could be low or out.  In this case we put priority into creating more, trying to make the ship out time as small as possible.

Special Orders...

There are two kinds of what we consider special orders. 

The first special order is with regards to the listed custom props we sell.  Since these are made one at a time, it is not uncommon for these to sell out very fast. This is very true the closer it gets to Halloween.  Once a prop is sold out of inventory, then a "Sold Out" sign appears, this allows no more purchases of this prop until we get more constructed and add it back into inventory.

If a customer is very interested in this sold out prop then a special order may be placed that allows the customer to get the very next one that is constructed.  If multiple customers are interested in same prop, then a list is created with a first in first out service.  If we know that a special order will not be able to be completed in time the customer needs it, then we will let you know and of course not place you in the waiting queue.

If you are interested in this kind of special order then simply contact us with your contact information, the item you want and the date you need it by.  We will then let you know if it is possible to get your special order complete in the time frame you require.

The second special order is for a customer specific custom built prop.  If the customer has a special or unique design they are interested in then please contact us with all the details.  We can then determine if we will be able to construct the prop to your specifications.  If we are able to build it, then a cost and estimated time of completion will be given to you.

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