Moving Flameless Candles

Moving Flameless Candles

Flameless candles have the most natural and life like flame, you would think you can blow them out. Liown, the manufacture, provides one of the most authentic looking LED candles on the market using “Moving Flame” technology. The secret is a moving flame piece which creates a realistic glowing and flickering effect. The difference in design is extremely noticeable, especially in close up settings. The random movement is virtually indistinguishable from a real wick-burning candle.

Flameless candles have a convenient three-way switch: off, on, and timed (5 hours on, 19 hours off). Enjoy up to 700 hours of glow time on a single set of batteries (not included).  


Remote Control Functions:

All models come with a remote control capability which provides additional candle options. These may include:
  • On/Off capability
  • Four different brightness levels
  • Fast, Slow or Static flicker speeds
  • 4hr, 6hr, 8hr or 10hr timer



The candles are hand-poured and crafted of unscented, no drip, 100% paraffin wax in an ivory frosted finish. These are rated for indoor use and have a melting point of 160 degrees Fahrenheit and freezing temperature of 4 degrees Fahrenheit.  The refined paraffin wax is used in all models, except the votive candles, which are plastic.  The wax is free of dangerous impurities like lead (often found in candles made from recycled wax) which ensures consistency in color across production runs. 


Other Product Features:

  • Liown Flameless/Firelss Candles employ a host of ingenious design innovations to produce a true-to-life flame effect unlike no others.
  • An LED placed beneath the surface of the candle shines into a flame-shaped light reflector to produce a convincing yellow glow. To reproduce the dancing movement of a true flame, Liown uses a magnet to create random motion.
  • The battery compartment and other electronics of the Liown Flameless Candles are housed within a shell made from actual paraffin wax on most models.



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